Japanese Calligraphy

Calligraphy is the art of “drawing” words by using a brush. Calligraphy, which is one of the traditional cultures nurtured in Japan since ancient times. You can feel the touch of colorful and profound expression of brushworks woven from various letters and black ink.

Would you like to start a unique cultural lesson in Japan?

Atelier Kakko opens the door for you of calligraphy and Japanese culture.
Get your expanding world by learning calligraphy with Atelier Kakko!

SHODO experience

Traditional Japanese calligraphy I will teach you the Kanji characters used in ancient Japanese writing. You will learn the basic process of calligraphy, including how to make sumi, the inkstick, and how to hold the brush (fude).By the end you’ll be able to write your own name in Kanji. By learning calligraphy you can learn and get familiar to Japanese language and letters. You can try out Calligraphy lesson.

Lesson(basic course) Time:1.5H Price:5000 JP/person
18000 JPY/group(up to 5person)

新宿区白銀町1-15 SEKビル5階
牛込神楽坂3番口徒歩3分/ 神楽坂1番口徒歩5分/ 飯田橋駅徒歩7分
Tel: 070-3246-2018

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